About Us

Lisa Management is a New York City based minority/woman led business. The President of Lisa Management is Jorge L. Jorge who, after leading the Leasing and Marketing Department for 7 years, was tapped to serve as President in February 2019. Lisa Management’s second-in-command is its Controller, Ana Rodriguez. Ms. Rodriguez has overseen both Lisa Managements finances and the finances of each project managed for 22 years.

Lisa Management originally was established to manage properties developed by the Hudson Companies, Inc. - whether rental, condominium, or cooperative - to ensure that those developments operate as efficiently as possible. Lisa’s current portfolio consists of over 2,000 units and is a mix of rental and condominium apartment buildings and appx. 100,000 square feet of commercial and retail spaces.

Lisa employs property managers to oversee the day-to-day operations of the buildings in its portfolio. Each property manager has hands-on experience with HVAC, repairing motors and pumps, troubleshooting low-voltage electronics, computer networks and running a small business. As such, they are well-qualified to supervise all building staff teams as well as the contractors that provide services at both staffed and unstaffed properties. They also know how to keep an eye on the bottom-line the way a small business must in order to survive. To aid in the efficient financial management of all properties, Lisa Management maintains a robust accounting department. And, to best serve its clients in maintaining healthy occupancy and to mitigate vacancy losses, Lisa Management employs a full-service Leasing and Marketing department.