Our story

Lisa Management originally was established to manage properties developed by the Hudson Companies, Inc. - whether rental, condominium, or cooperative - to ensure that those developments operate as efficiently as possible.

Core Services

Property Management

Brokerage Services

Accounting + Reporting

Property Management

Lisa Management primarily manages residential multifamily properties. We currently manage over 2,600 residential units. Over 900 of these are regulated, income restricted units and over 1,400 units are a mix of free market, rent stabilized, and rent controlled. Over 300 units are condominiums or cooperatives. Lisa Management manages a substantial amount of retail spaces, currently including over forty-four unique spaces that encompass over 150,000 total square feet. We manage buildings as our own with a carefully appointed and thoroughly trained staff. Using ownership’s asset goals as our guide we identify low-cost cost changes that have high impact affects. We lean into our technology stack in order to provide more personal attention to residents with tools like maintenance and inspection tracking, inventory management, and an accounting and amenity reservation integrated platform. Our data is also used to improve building efficiencies through business intelligence and revenue management, by developing unique tenant retention, amenity pricing and new tenant acquisition strategies.

Brokerage Services

Lisa Management has a team dedicated to providing on-site leasing services at our multifamily rental buildings, allowing building owners to benefit from a lower cost option to third-party brokerage fees. For condominium properties, there is no better company to manage a sponsor sales. We can handle all sponsor sales in co-op and condo buildings. Unit owners benefit from having their broker integrated with the property management team and we know the board packages to reduce mistakes. We represent retail spaces on Roosevelt Island and other sites throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan and aggressively reach out to businesses that may be perfect for spaces available within our portfolio. We have a network of 700+ brokers updated on our availability and work with third-party agencies to ensure multifamily buildings are being marketed thoroughly. Our teams utilize all the same tools as third-party companies and then some, including a Listserv of over 30,000 prospective tenants who have reached out to Lisa Management for rentals. When we tell prospective tenants that we will keep them updated with whatever comes available in the Lisa Portfolio, we mean it.

Accounting + Reporting

Lisa Management includes accounting and reporting services for all of our property management clients. Our team has experience with an array of institutional clients and complex reporting requirements. We compile cash or accrual operating statements and our accounting team is experienced with working with client accountants as well. Our operations run on the RealPage technology stack and our building, leasing, and accounting operations are integrated for seamless reporting purposes. Our property managers, building owners, and asset managers have the Business Intelligence operating tools that aggregates property data and enables all stakeholders to analyze different aspect of building operations in real time. We also provide stand-alone financial accounting and reporting services to smaller clients including self-managed co-ops and condos, small property managers and high net worth Individuals.

Auxiliary Services


We are experienced in creating strategic renovation plans that maximizes return on investment. These guide from design to completion and through hurdles of the Landmark Preservation Commission, Department of Buildings and challenging contractors.


We have over 15 years experience in managing LIHTC units by providing ongoing Compliance to tax credit and non-tax credit restricted income buildings and lease-up services to new construction and maintenance leasing.


With all clients, we create a revenue management strategy with revenue optimization at the forefront.


Vacancy is one of the largest expenses newer buildings have. Minimize turnover by helping tenants create a community.


Our dedicated sales and leasing teams offer a lower cost option to third-party brokerage fees.